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Why Join The SIA?

Why join the SIA? Let us count the ways. 

  • You will become a part of the most elite data-driven community in the SEO industry.
  • You will no longer need to rely on theory, what others argue about, or the latest trend offered by Google or the Gurus. We have found from testing that anything that hasn't been tested most often misleads the industry.

  • ALWAYS Close your Client - Walk into any client meeting with measurable, provable, RELEVANT test results  – and then ask if your competition can provide the same.  This is your potential client’s AHA Moment, and you’ll close the sale EVERY TIME.

  • Save Critical Time. We test and show you RESULTS. SEO Intelligence Agency runs over 100 tests per year, with critical variations, using scientific process and painstaking record keeping. We tirelessly tackle the tedious details of “sciencing SEO”, leaving your time free to focus on making sales and developing relationships.

  • Save Labor and Money by Eliminating Useless Steps - If you have a 10 step process and our testing reveals that steps 7-9 are unnecessary, you’ve just saved yourself 30% of your work load. Redirect that saved energy into more PROVEN EFFECTIVE tactics.

  • Prevent Money Site Russian Roulette - Most SEO’s take huge risks by experimenting on live sites and hoping for the best. Many times, the result is tragic. We don’t experiment, we TEST. YOU get the RESULTS WITHOUT THE RISK.

  • Stop Guessing! With SIA, you get ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY. No more guesswork. We give you proven, scientific results that challenge the status quo, giving you a huge advantage over your competition.

  • You get access to tests delivered to you every month. All of the SIA courses including all historical dialogs, weekly chats, resource material and instructional material, (how we do it) along with an easy to use search function to drill down on whatever topic you are looking for, and an ongoing mastermind around it all.
  • We have an SIA Community in Slack, Skype, and Facebook where you could ask other SEO professionals on any SEO questions, share your own SEO tips and tricks, and just build a bond and build a network with other SEO professionals.
  • We have a monthly Test Reveal webinar going over tests, tactics and SEO questions. Bill Hartzer also hosts weekly webinar where he interviews some industry leaders and discusses different SEO News and tips.
  • You get access to these courses:
    • Clint Butlers Schema
    • GMB Optimization
    • Cora Basics
    • Basic On-Page
    • Advanced On-Page
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Local SEO
    • Launch Jacking
    • CRO Basics
    • CRO Intermidiate
    • CRO Advanced
    • Client Acquisition
    • Content Spinning
    • SEO PPC
    • Leasing Sites
    • Reputation Mgt
    • Video Ranking
    • Aged Domains
    • Black Hat Tactics
    • Ranking Amazon Pages
  • You get access to 
    • All Tests
    • All Test Notes
    • All Test Discussions
    • All Test Videos
    • All The Good
    • All The Bad
    • Almost 600 Of Them
    • More Added Every Month
    • Get Paid For Doing Tests
    • Monthly Test Reveal Webinar
  • All SIA resources
    • Ranking Factors
    • Tests At A Glance
    • Guides & Infographics
    • Execution Plans
    • Chat Summaries
    • Putting It Together
    • Resource Database
    • How To’s
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