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What is the SEO Intelligence Agency?

The SEO Intelligence Agency (SIA) is a group of SEO professionals lead by Clint Butler and Dori Friend, who are dedicated to testing and reporting SEO metrics, SEO information, SEO tips and trick by creating single variable tests to tests these information to identify which ones are ranking variables and would really help you to get ranked. 

There are numerous seo experts out there that say this tip or that trick would get you ranked however, these tips and tricks have not been tested. Why would you continue to guess with the latest guru on theories of what works in SEO when you can start using tested SEO techniques that are backed by verifiable scientific proof?

Consider us your own personal SEO R&D lab and as a member, you can also suggest tests and myths that you would like to be tested, confirmed, or busted. 

Stop Guessing, Start Ranking!

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